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Children with special needs can benefit from a dentist with additional training for their unique needs. Special needs dentistry can provide care for your child to help them have an enjoyable dental experience.
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What Makes Special Needs Dentistry So Unique?

Not all dentists feel comfortable treating patients with special needs. Caregivers should do their utmost to find a dentist with experience treating patients with disabilities and accessibility needs. A dentist with the proper training can help special needs patients stay calm at the dentist, all while providing them with the care they need.

How Trained Dentists Approach Special Needs Dental Care

People with special needs require patience and compassion, especially children experiencing new routines such as visiting a dentist. Pediatric dentists should possess these qualities instinctively. Training enhances these attributes by providing tools and techniques that are helpful in the care of patients with special needs. There are several areas of study covered in the training, including:

  • Patient and caregiver communication
  • Behavioral and psychological studies
  • Dentistry under sedation
  • Access to facilities by physical means

Dentists specially trained in special needs dentistry provide dental services tailored to the needs and temperaments of their patients.

Who Benefits From Special Needs Dentistry?

There is a wide spectrum of children who can benefit from the care offered by pediatric dentists with special needs training.

Oral health is affected by a variety of systemic health issues. Medical conditions such as cleft palates, jaw malformations, and immune disorders lead to oral health vulnerabilities. A child with certain medical conditions may find it challenging to maintain good oral hygiene.

Patients who use wheelchairs will need assistance getting into the dentist’s chair. While sitting in the dentist’s chair, a child with cerebral palsy should only be exposed to displays that are comfortable and non-threatening.

When a child has Down syndrome or autism spectrum disorder, they may have difficulty taking care of their oral health and require regular dental checkups. A special needs dentist has the training to communicate effectively with such patients. By using their communication and psychology skills, they can make your child feel calm and relaxed during treatment. Furthermore, dentists can teach simple habits that children can learn and remember.

Even the bravest person can feel anxious at the dentist’s office. Children with special needs may experience even more anxiety, requiring a dentist who can calm their fears. The right dentist will be patient, brave, and tactical when handling challenging situations.

More Dentists Are Becoming Familiar With Special Needs Training

If your child has special needs, our dental team is here to help them have an enjoyable dental experience. Contact our office today and let our team know how we can help.

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